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We are committed to helping everyone responsible for preventing the next medication error or adverse event. We help create medication safety in healthcare and clinical research.

SecondStory Health provides your organization with a RATIONAL RESPONSE to reporting and managing Adverse Event and Quality Improvement data. 

Our software and strategies are deployed to find the hidden causes of medication errors and adverse events; then we help you make the needed improvements.

Our medication safety consulting services will improve your analytical, quality improvement, patient safety, regulatory compliance, and team performance outcomes.



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Medication Safety Expertise for Pharmacies, Patients, Patient Advocacy Groups, Clinical Research, and
 Patient Safety Organizations

Community pharmacy

Community pharmacies are a diverse group of entrepreneurs that are the most common healthcare touch-point for patients. We understand that diversity and will work with you to assure your quality assurance program is effective.  We envision a partnership with pharmacy owners and managers to meet these goals.

Clinical Research Organizations

Meeting client and service goals in clinical research demands that drug and device studies are conducted with optimal efficiency at diverse research and clinical sites.  Our consultative services will help assure sites comply with regulatory and safety requirements for investigational drugs and devices.

Retail Pharmacy

Large corporate pharmacies are integral parts of the nation's healthcare system,that improve patient access to vital medications.  Our current clients benefit from our customized services:  lowering costs and improving safe outcomes. We pledge to work with your leadership to achieve the best possible outcomes.

institutional review boards (irb)

IRB approval is one of the last safety checks before research studies can begin in humans.  We will help Executive Directors and IRB Chairs assure that safe medication practices are an integral part of the review process and assure your Board members are competent in reviewing Phase I-IV designs, platform studies and basket studies.

patients and patient advocates

Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups are increasing seeking safety information held by the government.  We can help you submit Freedom of Information requests to federal and state agencies that regulate drugs and devices and submit customized searches of the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting database- with the goal of accessing difficult to find safety data, including side effect/adverse events, product defect, and  drug interaction reports.

Health-system Pharmacy

We will help you show that you are safer now than you were in the past. We  help solve the vexing problems that bog down the efficiency and effectiveness of internal safety committees.  We consult with Executives, Department Heads, and Safety Officers to assure your strategic medication safety plan is effective, actionable and achieving results.

Patient safety organizations

Patient safety organizations (PSOs) are recognized as effective partners with clinical providers in improving quality and safety in healthcare.  Executive Directors and Patient Safety Experts should contact us if your PSO is expanding its mission to include medication safety or if you are thinking about re-engineering your current medication safety services, data analysis, or software. 

Perhaps the most important distinguishing characteristic of high-reliability organisations is a collective preoccupation with the possibility of failure
— James Reason, Ph.D.