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Expertise.Passion. Dedication.

Our History and Values

SecondStory Health was founded in 2003 to help our clients identify the solutions to error, risk, harm, and avoidable costs embedded in healthcare systems. 

Since 2003 we have expanded our mission to take the medication safety lessons learned in clinical care and apply them to those in clinical research.  We also have a societal mission to help patients and patient advocates access information held by the government about drugs and devices  .

We believe that a culture of safety is based on the principles of a just culture. Our software and strategies will always be deployed in a manner that respects our customers, their employees and their patients.

We value your organization's internal expertise and knowledge

We value the intellectual capital of our team.  We organize our resources  effectively.


Get to Know Us

SecondStory Health, LLC is a boutique medication safety firm that provides consulting, analytical, educational, and customized software design services to forward thinking organizations and individuals focused on the best possible clinical, business, and clinical research outcomes.

We would love to learn your story and share our story with you.

Why the name - SecondStory?

When an error occurs, the first story about a medication error often diverts attention away from the true underlying causes.
Our strategies uniquely capture the "story behind the story" - the second story - enabling your organization to "see" the design flaws
and focus your mistake-proofing efforts on the system, not the provider.

Principals and Advisors


We bring the right expertise to the project at the right time. We do this through our diverse business alliances
and consultant networks.

SecondStory Health's principals have a combined total of more than 90 years of experience with medication system design,
medication safety, research integrity, clinical research, pharmaceutical care, information technology design, and systems analysis.

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer

John M Kessler, B.S. Pharm., PharmD

Dr Kessler has practiced pharmacy for more than 40 years, accumulating experience in direct patient care, public health, pharmacy management, and clinical research. He has a special interest in medication safety and he has more than 30 years experience in medication systems design, medication safety programs, and event analysis.


Senior Software Developer

Jan Schroeder

Mr. Jan Schroeder's interests include managing the full life cycle of system development, including requirements analysis, developing use cases, design, development, testing, deployment and user support. 


Chief Science Officer

Donna M Kessler, Ph.D.

Dr Kessler's interest include measuring and improving the culture and responsible conduct of research, research ethics and women in science. She has extensive experience
in working with clinical researchers to assure regulatory compliance and avoid research misconduct.



Erich Lukas, MBA
Executive Director

Clients and Strategy

Nic Beery
Producer Editor
Beery Media

Multi-media Presentations

Richard Low
Topsail Technologies


Christine Dennis, Pharm.D., MBA, CSSBB
Founder and President
Zolor Group

Operational Improvement

Andrew Weniger
Managing Partner
Firstview LLC

Innovation and Transformation